Interview with Rocky Duh

 Rap artist Rocky Duh has been garnering a buzz over the past year. He hails from Toledo, Ohio and is constantly on the grind. We got the chance to catch up with him and see where his heads at. Check out the interview below!

-Whats good bro, how you livin?! 

Lately things have been wild! other than that work is how im livin!!

-So you’ve been doin’ this rap thing for a solid minute, where’d the name ‘Rocky Duh’ derive from?

Me and my friends got high and kept saying “duh” then i switched my facebook name to “rocky duh” in 2010 and it stuck!

-You’ve spent some time in Atlanta, what all did you have goin’ on down there?

Work Man! late nights in the studio and learning from the talented people in Atlanta!

-Right now your based out of Toledo, OH aka Glass City aka The Mud, is that where your originally from? 


-What’s the music scene like in Toledo? 

There are some great artist here. The scene is what we make of it and right now its getting up there. to where artist and Toledians are becoming more connected and supportive of one another.

-You also do quite a bit of hosting, how does that help your music career overall? 

It helps with crowd control during rap shows. it also creates a lot of public face time and revenue for my brand.

-How is it balancing fatherhood while also trying to make a name for yourself in the rap game? 

Its quite cool! My son loves music so that makes it easier for me to continue to pursue my dreams.

-Where do you see yourself at 5 years from now? 10 years? 

In Africa.

-If you could get a feature from any artist in the industry who would it be and why? 

Kanye West. He genius.

-What inspired your new single “Love Won’t Make Me Rich” ? 

I got into with a female lol i had a whole bunch of cash on me in the studio and those two elements helped me create the record

-What is Uminatti and who all does the entity include? 

Uminatti is a group of talented friends of mines, all of us are artist in our own way.

-Are you still with Blow Music Group? 


-You seem to work alot with producer Cris Siege…how’d you guys link up? 

Cris Siege has been giving be club bangers since 2004, utmost respect for that guy.

-At what age did you start rapping? 

I was 10 years old when I wrote my first rap.  and 14 years old when i recorded in a studio.

-Name the top 5 Toledo rappers in order with 1 being the best…

I cant do that lol  a lot of guys are dope tho. stink bomb, felease sophae, meko, bwills and ewe to name a few I guess.

-Rudy’s or Netty’s? 


-The Juice FM 107.3 or Hot 97-3? 

tie lol

-Rap or Hip-Hop? 

Wait whats the difference.

-You used to play college football, where at? What position? 

Haha yes I did! For Heidelberg University, its a division 3 school located in Tiffin Ohio and I played corner back! The experience was dope!

-What can we expect from Rocky Duh in the near future? 

Better business. and Excellent music.

-What are you currently working on? 

Respect 2

-Anything else you wanna tell your fans, listeners, viewers? 

That I love them. And to be looking for “Respect 2”.  

-Well Mr. Duh we appreciate you choppin’ it up with us here at GroundSounds, keep grindin’ and we’ll see you at the top! 

Peace Fam

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