Interview with Darlia

 UK based band Darlia have created quite the buzz with the release of their Knock Knock EP. With a no nonsense approach to rock n’ roll, they definitely need to be added to your music radar. GroundSounds recently caught up with front man Nathan for an exclusive interview, check it out below.  

For those just discovering Darlia, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how the band came together?

Me (Nathan) and Jack started playing when we were 12. It wasn’t as a band, just me on guitar and him on drums. Then we completely stopped. Me and Dave were working as cleaners at our college, which is when we really clicked. We’d known each other for several years but had never spoken before that. When me and Dave were really pushing for a band it’s when we got Jack in. We played a couple times in Blackpool, but every venue was shutting down so we ventured into Machester which seemed only logical.

Can you tell us a little bit about your debut EP Knock Knock? What was it like working on this project and bringing it to fruition?

Knock Knock was recorded in a remote part of Wales with Cam Blackwood. It was our first time in a proper studio so it was great to learn the ropes in that regard. The fact that it was so remote and there was pretty much no signal or internet obviously alienates you and makes you focus because you are living and breathing what you are doing.

Can you tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind the track ‘Queen of Hearts’?

I write the songs and I guess I like this question because it gives me a chance to reflect on it. When I write a song I’m saying something, I’m giving something. So to be asked what it’s about gives me the chance to look at it from the other side. I write songs to be interpreted and mean different things to different people but with an obvious message. The general vibe behind Queen Of Hearts lyrically is love being a sickness that feeds itself. Sort of the torment behind the idea of soul mates.

How did you guys come up with the name Darlia?

We wanted a nice name. I sort of developed an obsession with flowers. Darlia has obvious connotations of the flower and it sounds utopian and dream like. Also a bit of trivia: When we played our first ever Blackpool show when we weren’t settled on a name, a girl handed me a plastic flower as we walked off stage.  I just thought nothing of it and kept it in there for ages and after we settled on Darlia I realised the flower was a Dahlia flower.

What is one thing that everyone should do or see in Blackpool?

A) Wash your hands and B) Don’t go out at night!

What music are you guys currently listening to?

We’re listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley. Lots of Beatles.

What are Dave’s favorite colouring books to color in?

‘My very own hungry caterpillar’, paperback.

When you guys aren’t working on music what do you like to do in your free time?

Hate to say it but.. probably working on music.

What are you guys currently working on? What’s next?

We just got back from Rockfield in Wales recording our next release!

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