Artist Spotlight: Slim Jeff

Brendon Goldwasser

Brendon Goldwasser

Favorite Artists: Jungle, Tycho, AM & Shawn Lee, Daft Punk, Radiohead, Bonobo, Kurt Vile, Washed Out
Brendon Goldwasser


GroundSounds is super excited to introduce you to Slim Jeff, an emerging hip-hop artist and creative mind behind fashion/fine art brand NDS.LA. Everything that Slim Jeff is involved in, whether that be the marriage of fine art and vintage wear or the collection of hip-hop tracks that he produces with smart lyricism and unique beats, it is all done with the utmost passion, originality, and truth that a man can possess. We recently had the chance to grab a video interview with him earlier this week, so stay tuned for that!

Born and raised in Leimert Park, the center of the Black arts scene in Los Angeles, he grew up heavily influenced by his parents’ eclectic music collection. He exhibits a rare combination of witty punch lines and thoughtful content, reminiscent of artists such as Mos Def. Slim Jeff’s first full length offering is entitled Better Late Than Never and you should definitely stream it below. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with him and in the meantime, explore his music and art. Enjoy!

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