Interview: NYC based duo Prelow talk new music & upcoming EP

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With a debut EP on the way NYC’s Matt Walsh and Jesse Aicher, better known as Prelow, are getting set for a big 2015.  The duo feature fresh tunes with youthful lyrics that shift between cynical introspection and humor. It’s indie-rock goodness with a  hip-hop flare.

GroundSounds recently caught up with the pair for an exclusive interview to chat about their upcoming project, musical inspirations and more, check it out below. 


For those just discovering Prelow, how did you two come together and start making music?

Jesse: We met each other through some mutual friends and we started just hanging out. Matt had just moved into a new apartment and I remember before there wasn’t any furniture but he’d set up his production gear.

How did you guys decide on the name Prelow?

Matt: We chose the name 1991, but before we released music, other people on the same wavelength started using that idea. we scrapped that and had trouble thinking of something else that fit for a while.  We locked ourselves in a room, and it got to the point where friends were sending us names. Prelow entered the mix and we just went with it.

What do you guys enjoy most about NYC?

Jesse: La Palapa

Matt: Tuesday at La Palapa

Can you tell us about the creative and writing process for the track “Mistakes Like This?”

Jesse: That track started with a sample that we cut up, added new chords under, and then recreated with other instruments. The lyrics and melody came next and the final line to come was “my dick takes over”. Matt suggested that as I was recording vocals in the studio.

What was it like the filming the music video for “Mistakes Like This?” Can you tell us about being on set?

Jesse: Well the video was directed by Jacqueline Sir and she really held it down. I remember playing soccer with Leo, the kid in the video, in between takes.

Matt: We shot the video in my hometown, Glen Rock, New Jersey – and it was like being home for a weekend. My friends and I used to hang out in all the same spots as the video.

What music are you guys currently listening to?

Jesse: I’m listening to Wet, Public Access TV, and London O’Connor right now.

Matt: “Human Sadness” by Julian Casablancas and The Voidz and “Deja Vu” by Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz

When you guys are on stage performing, what typically goes through your mind?

Jesse: For now I’m just trying not to fuck up. It’s all a blur.

Matt: What it sounds like 

What advice would you give to bands and musicians just starting out?

Jesse: Well, we feel we’re just starting out, but I guess I would say focus on making music you like.

Matt: We are figuring this all out right now. But if you are so excited about what you are making that you want to continue working on it as soon as you get out of bed, you’re on the right track.

What was the inspiration behind the track “Simple Song?”

Jesse: Realizing that we take all these things for granted with the people we care about 

Matt: The drums and bass were inspired by Nottz, one of our favorite producers.

Prelow’s debut EP is set to drop in 2015, what can fans expect and look forward too? How far along is the EP?

Jesse: Its done right now, it’s got some of the songs we’ve released and a few more.

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