PREMIERE: Tidelands – “Old Mill Park”

Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Gabriel Leis and drummer Mie Araki, Tidelands is a San Francisco based orchestral indie rock duo that came together by circumstance instead of design. Teaming up amid the ashes of a previous band, the pair started using loops to fill out its sound and with the premiere of their fresh new video “Old Mill Park,” it has become clear that they found something special.

“I had an idea for a drone to fly the route from Cascade Falls to the Old Mill,” says Gabriel Leis about the concept for “Old Mill Park,” the title track and first music video from the new Tidelands EP.

“The director, Elliot Jaramillo, had just gotten into drone photography,” Leis continues. “and we decided to give it a go.” Ultimately, Jaramillo perfectly captured the feeling Leis had in mind.  “It’s an homage to a special place where I have childhood memories,” Leis says, “the majesty of the redwood forests of Northern California, and the feeling of nostalgia for a time that is lost to youth.”

Tidelands Old Mill Park EP is out now.


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