PREMIERE: Boston’s Drunken Logic drop the pensive “This Side Or The Other”

Mike Mehalick

Mike Mehalick

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Mike Mehalick

Em-f7gretvyfxK-8WZVgxIaPhyKg0AWqGnzcSPCc74i2Q8G0ImitxyTU1OiHcaPJrv8uu4kaI13ufPap4DRr9HHWvN3tIz7MLr2Fj5DcUxC0FLjHEd--C88w4D_Ip3dptJOLjYw=w1546-h485Drunken Logic can lead to some interesting, sometimes life altering choices. One such choice that would be the right one to make sober or otherwise is taking a listen to “This Side Or The Other,” the latest single off of Boston indie-folk-punk group Drunken Logic’s forthcoming LP Long Day’s Journey To The Middle. GroundSounds has the exclusive premiere below.

The multi-talented group is able to combine a variety of influences and genres courtesy of being schooled by the Berklee College of Music. Their latest single is a testament to that as it shifts away in tone from the raucous anthem “(The Good News Is) Nobody Gives A Damn.”

The second-place finisher in Berklee’s Songs for Social Change contest in 2012, this song is based on bandleader Jake Cassman’s experience on a cultural leadership retreat to New Hampshire while at Berklee. 

Featuring only voice and piano, the song is based around the principle that no matter our economic backgrounds, races and ethnicities, sexualities or politics or religions, we all experience the same things – grief is grief no matter the reason, and those emotions are all an intrinsic part of the human experience that we all know and share. 

Stream Drunken Logic’s “This Side Or The Other” and look for Long Day’s Journey To The Middle out April 14th.

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