Philly blues rockers Foxtrot & The Get Down keep us energized for ‘Black Coffee’


Comprised of rock, blues, soul, and Americana, Philadelphia blues rock quartet Foxtrot & the Get Down have crafted a sound of sonic goodness. With the recent release of their fresh new track “Just A Kid” they definitely have us anticipating their forthcoming EP Black Coffee, which drops on Nov 13th.  

GroundSounds recently caught up with the band to talk about their latest project, musical inspirations and more, check out the exclusive interview below.


For those just discovering Foxtrot & the Get Down, how did you guys meet and start making music?

We met as a band in stages. Colin and Ryan both grew up in Northeast Philly, went to high school and college together. As freshman as West Chester University, they started making music together. A few months in, Ken transferred onto the same dorm floor, and quickly joined the band. A year later, Erica and Colin met while working at the same restaurant. After realizing a similar love for Otis Redding, Erica soon came through for a few studio sessions and joined the band as well. 

What do you guys enjoy most about Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is home for us. We love the people, the passion, the food, the ridiculous amount of great local breweries, our beloved sports teams, and the amazing music scene. We just love the attitude and the people of Philadelphia. It’s the kind of place that if your a part of it, it’s a part of you.  

Can you tell us about the writing and creative process involved with your track “Just A Kid?”

“Just a Kid” was a song that Colin started writing a year or two ago. The song just didn’t click for the longest time, but once Tres (producer of the record) heard the acoustic scratch demo, he ran with how huge he thought it could be. The real turning point creatively was once Fox got the drum rhythm down. Tres felt the groove was so important to this track, and once that was established, the rest of the song fell into place.

1465315_1197896240224201_604693375294546531_nWhat has it been like working on and bringing your forthcoming EP Black Coffee to fruition?

The entire idea for the EP came about so late in the process, but when you realize a trend is forming in the industry you have to capitalize on it. The songs we picked for the “Black Coffee EP” cover the different aspects of the band and sounds that make up the full length record that’s coming next year. After everything that’s led up to this point: all the miles traveled, all the places we’ve been, all the work we’ve put in and the good people we’ve met, this EP means everything to us.  

What made you guys decide on the EP title Black Coffee?

“Black Coffee” is the last track on the EP, and it, lyrically, carries the theme that the record encapsulates. “Black Coffee” is a love letter to our home, and it describes the process of our career thus far. Robyn, owner of American Echo Records, suggested the title, and we thought it was perfect. It also lends to beautiful visuals as well. 

What is it about rock, blues, soul and Americana that attracts you guys to this sound?

All of the music you just listed are just great, American forms of music. We’ve all grown up on blues and rock and jazz and soul, so it only made sense that this was the kind of music we needed to make. There’s currently this hole in the culture, that used to be filled with bad ass, hard working, Rock and roll. We’re just looking to make that music for people today.

10988526_1032612750085885_6384834600620300765_oWhat bands/musicians are you guys currently listening to?

We have a REALLY wide range of tastes in music. I know there’s been a lot of talk about the new G. Love record at practice. Also, the new Gary Clark JR. record as well. At the same time, we could be talking about the new Future and Drake record, or old Miles Davis. We’re totally skizophrenic in the way we listen to music. All over the place.

Can you tell us about the inspiration for “Roll Down the Road?”

“Roll” is a funny story. Colin was in Vegas, and Tres sent over a small demo of a melody that just caught Colin’s attention immediately. So “Roll” was written while walking down the Vegas strip and in the gym at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The song sets the idea for the record about needing to leave home, in order to realize how important home is.

After the EP release, what’s next for Foxtrot & the Get Down? What can fans look forward to?

There is a lot of things in motion that are going to take the band to the next level, You can expect touring, new videos, and a full length coming next year!

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