Berkeley: Bare Rivière – “Bathe” (Debut Single)

Brendon Goldwasser

Brendon Goldwasser

Favorite Artists: Jungle, Tycho, AM & Shawn Lee, Daft Punk, Radiohead, Bonobo, Kurt Vile, Washed Out
Brendon Goldwasser


Here at GroundSounds, we strive keep our ear to the ground, keeping in close contact with not only PR folks, but the hustling artists themselves. This allows us to be fortunate enough to grab new gems when they’re hot off the press. Well, we’ve got one of those for you today and it comes to us in the from a new collaboration happening up in Berkeley, CA. Together, Bria, a singer-songwriter/producer from CA, and Sierra, a percussionist/producer from Arizona, formed a creative partnership and have shared their first single as Bare Rivière titled “Bathe.”

Sierra played in many bands including We Will Be Lions before joining Bria in Bare Rivière. Bria has written songs since she was young and writing has always been a passion of hers, particularly poems and songs. After many years of traveling (Europe, South America, Africa, the States), journal by her side, doing live performances, and improvising with other musicians, Bathe is her most accomplished song thus far. Here is what they had to say about their new creative journey:

Bria: “Sierra and I met a few months ago at a small cafe in Berkeley, CA. Sierra had recently parted from her band We Will Be Lions and I was seeking a percussionist to collaborate with on a new project. The first time we met to talk, we ended up jamming shortly after for two hours. Since then, we knew something special was awakening.”

Sierra: “I knew we had similar intentions to create something totally new — it just feels right to collaborate together.”

While they’re both accustomed to live instrumentation, they quickly shifted to MIDI keys and pads in order to manifest the music that currently inspires them (Sylvan Esso, Phantogram, Made In Heights, Radiohead). Stream and share the new single below!

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