PREMIERE: Chemical Dreams unveil mesmerizing video for “Sleep In Peace”

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Chemical Dreams

Chemical Dreams is as unpredictable as your dreams will be tonight. There is no set theme or style.  One minute it could be a sultry love song and the next you might be hearing a rhythm Grace Jones would be happy to hula-hoop to all night long. Today we’re excited to premiere their new video for the somber and compelling track “Sleep In Peace.”

“Sleep In Peace” is an elegy to the life and music of David Bowie. The track’s somber lyrics are accompanied by airy, ambient guitar riffs. “The sadness we felt upon his sudden passing was more profound than any of us expected. His music was always an exploration of possibilities. We were sonic companions through his songs.” 

Watch the video below – it will immediately transfix you and put you in a very distinct mood. Connect with Chemical Dreams online for more!

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