PREMIERE: Jessica Martindale shines on “Walk the World”

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If you listen to enough music, you start to recognize when a band puts in meticulous work on a song, or when an artist with a great voice was simply given a song and has to find a way to make it work. You begin to understand the evolution of a song. From the first notes of Jessica Martindale’s “Walk the World,” the listener immediately gets a sense that this song came pouring out, almost effortlessly. It’s beautiful, it hits every note you’re hoping for, and it just works in every way. Those are often the most special of songs – the ones that seem to arrive fluidly on a wave of inspiration.

Martindale hails from Carolina woods and the SoCal coast, has been behavioral therapist, rising HR guru, struggling artist and has sometimes sprinted, sometimes staggered through seasons of life. She knows now what to do with her voice.

We are excited to premiere the video for “Walk the World” below. In her own words:

I wrote this song with my dear friend, Anelda Spence, who is from South Africa. We have both moved around the world quite a bit and were talking about the love that would travel to you no matter the distance. No matter how long it would take to get to you or you to them. This song is about love that knows no bounds

Since writing “Walk the World,” I have had the opportunity to sing this song in refugee camps in Kurdistan, Iraq, safe houses in India and to beautiful audiences all over the US. Walk the World has been my vehicle for transcending language barriers and cultural differences. It’s a song about love. And, in my opinion, love and music are two things that make sense no matter where you are. When I sing this song I envision the faces in refugee tents and the survivors from human trafficking. An image that will probably keep this song alive for me for years to come. 

The music video for “Walk the World” is a compilation of global images. From Asia to Kenya. Middle East to Napa Valley. England to right here in Nashville, TN. Thanks to technology, I was able to invite my fan base to be a part of this music in a tangible way. Gathering footage has been such a joyful experience. People are showing off their loved ones, their views, their babies. If receiving footage has been this enjoyable, I anticipate the finished music video will be pretty special. Making the world small enough to fit into one 3.5 minute video.

Watch the video below and be sure to connect with Jessica online for more!

Jessica Martindale Official Website | Facebook

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