PREMIERE: Stream the addicting new EP from AMFM

Jake Craney

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New Jersey’s AMFM (David Caruso, Jonathan Riley, and Gian Stone) are set to release their self-titled EP tomorrow. We’re thrilled to premiere it here a day early! Four songs of indie-rock goodness and a sound that will leave you wanting more AMFM tunes to digest.

AMFM’s David Caruso on the EP

“I really just let these songs come out and tried not to think about changing what I was hearing. I just let go and started writing without judging.”

On lead single “Heroes”
““Heroes” I think is ultimately about living your life the way you want to.  It came to me one eve sitting on the beach last summer as the tide was pulling out.  The Elvis thing subconsciously got in there…. I was a huge Elvis fan when I was like 4. I think it was about being eager and scared at the same time.  I feel sometimes that I am the type of person who is never really satisfied… so its always a struggle against time and the fear that time will move faster than I can” 
Stream the EP below and be sure to connect online for more!

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