San Diego: Graham Elliot – “Midwest Muse”


With danceable beats and thoughtful lyrics, San Diego based singer-songwriter Graham Elliot is on the grind, making moves! He recently dropped the fresh new track “Midwest Muse,” it’s pure sonic goodness.

Graham had this to say about his latest single:

Midwest Muse is a Pop/Funk track inspired by my trip to Chicago for Lollapalooza Music Festival this past Summer. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I was surprised by how different the culture was from California. People dressed differently, spoke differently, and the city had its own personality and vibe. I was surprised again when I walked through the gates of the festival and felt like I had stepped right back into my home state. Even on the rainy days, people came dressed for Coachella, to the point that I started asking people if they, like me, had flown in from the West Coast. But almost without exception, the new people I met were from somewhere in the Midwest, usually fairly close to Chicago. When they found out I was from California, they asked me all kinds of questions, and told me that it was their dream to move there. Being from California has never seemed so special to me. Seeing the promised land of the Golden State through the fascinated eyes of Midwestern festival goers inspired me to write this song!

Stream “Midwest Muse” below and check back for more on Graham soon.

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