Baltimore pop-punkers Face Value premiere “Honest Ending”

With the release of last year’s energetic and infectious “Thick as Thieves” EP, Baltimore based Face Value have established themselves as a promising band, that needs to be on your music radar.  The guys recently worked on the fresh new acoustic track “Honest Ending,” and it is now premiering exclusively on GroundSounds.

Lead guitarist Parker Ross had this to say about their latest track:

If Honest Ending doesn’t make you feel a certain way then we don’t know what will. This little acoustic ballad is a mix of emotions that might leave you feeling happy yet sad, loving but angry, sympathetic with a hint of bitterness, hopeless yet hopeful, and maybe even a bit horny. When I had originally wrote the song about 4 years ago, I had made it more of a bitter break up song but having gone over the lyrics around the time of recording I figured I’d change some of the lyrics so it could relate to pretty much anyone in a relationship, as well as those not in one anymore. At first it was a full band song Grayson and I had recorded together. It sounded awesome and we knew we would have to use it eventually for something, we just didn’t know what. What is cool is that being in Face Value is allowing us to bring to life some of those ideas we had always wanted to do something with and they’re coming out even better than we thought. Constellations is a perfect example of that. We recently decided to write and record an acoustic song we could put out as a corny Valentine’s Day thing. We set up the recording dates but hadn’t really done the writing, so after a praiseworthy suggestion was made by yours truly, we decided to use the old jingle, take away the full band and get really intimate and raw with it. Alec does a great job giving that kind of character to the song. His voice is soothing but has just the right bit of edge to it; he did amazing and mind you, he was fighting a cold at the same time. One thing I like about the song is that some of the lyrics are up for interpretation and depending on how you interpret things, whether you’re a perv or saint, you can feel how you want with it! But nonetheless, we like the song and think that other people will too so whether you’re going to be with someone or alone on this Valentine’s Day, give the song a listen and let us know what you think.

Stream “Honest Ending” below and check back for more on Face Value soon.

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