Interview: LA based electronic duo Stalgia gear up for forthcoming album

Featuring rhythmic builds and raw vocals, Los Angeles based electronic duo Stalgia have been hard at working gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album. With the currently untitled project on the horizon, fans have been chillin’ out listening to Stalgia’s latest hypnotic track “BDY,” the single is pure sonic goodness!

GroundSounds recently caught up with the pair to talk about their upcoming project and latest song, check out the exclusive interview below.


For those just discovering Stalgia, how did you two come together and start making music?

We were childhood friends. We grew up around the same neighborhood and went to the same high school. We’ve been playing music together for about 5 years now. Different groups with different names, styles, and members. Stalgia was actually a side project that Yaya and I experimented with. We ended up loving it so much that It slowly became our main project.

What made you decide on the name Stalgia?

Stalgia is the symbol of the accumulation of every thought, memory, and moment we have spent in our lives leading up to this present day. Every experience that has made us who we are, and every moment that has influenced the energy/emotion behind our music. Our music would not exist without the nostalgia of our lived experiences; hence the name. The name actually came to us very organically and quickly.

What do you guys enjoy most about Los Angeles? 

24 hours of great food, Ha

We love the energy of Los Angeles. It has influenced our music a great deal.

Can you tell us about the writing and creative process involved with your latest track “BDY?”

“BDY” started out with a classical Spanish guitar riff. One day I went to this beautiful old church with high ceilings, with just a guitar and a mic, and I recorded the chords to BDY there. I showed it to Yaya after writing some melodies, and she freaked. She wrote amazing lyrics to it, and it came together pretty seamlessly.

What is it about experimental electronic music that attracts you guys to this sound?

We like the energy of electronic music. There is a sense of freedom within the genre. However, we didn’t intend to be apart of the EDM world, it sort of became a part of us.

Can you tell us about working on your forthcoming EP and bringing it to fruition? Does it have a title?

We’ve taken our time with this EP. You have to write 1,000 songs, and narrow it down to your top ten.

It does have a title but we’re keeping it under wraps for right now X: But I think fans of Stalgia will really enjoy it.

What has it been like working with Grammy nominated and winning producer E. Kidd Bogart?

The second we met with Evan, we knew we wanted him on our team. He has such a great energy. He understands what we’re trying to create, which is really important when it comes to putting together a successful team. His opinions and suggestions are monumental.

What musicians/bands are you currently listening to?

We’ve been listening to a lot of classic artists on vinyl, like Joe Cocker, The Beatles and Van Morrison. We love R&B- Bryson Tiller, Sampha, Migos, Rihanna, and experimental artists like Lana Del Rey, FKA, and Flume.

What’s next for Stalgia? What can fans look forward to?

We just want to share this album with you guys. We take our music very seriously. We don’t like to rush anything. Everything has to be methodical. So, I think fans of Stalgia can look forward to an album that they deserve.

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Top Photo: Angelo Kritikos

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