Interview + New Song: SLEEPLUST emerge with confident new music

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One of our favorite up-and-comers SLEEPLUST is back with a new EP and new music to unleash on us. Today they’re releasing the strong, confident new song “Over” (streaming below). We’ve had our eye on the band since its inception and wanted to catch up since we last talked. We discuss the new song, new EP, and upcoming plans. Check it out below!

Take us into the writing process for “Over.” How did the song come together and how long of a process was it from start to finish?

Writing “Over” came together fairly fast for us. We got together on a rainy LA afternoon and Amber showed us some chords she had been playing with. After about an hour we had the sketch of the whole song. A soon as Amber sang that chorus hook we knew it was a special song. She said this about writing the lyrics: “The song itself is about being selfish in a sense and not really wanting a relationship/friendship to end even though some awful things may have happened. It’s about trying to go back to the way things were before things got out of hand and realizing that it’s impossible to do. It’s about yearning for a familiar feeling during a specific place in time that isn’t there anymore and panicking about it because you had no idea that it was coming to abrupt and bitter end. Almost wishing that the whole relationship never happened.”
How has the band evolved since your first EP? What ways are you noticing the growth with this new batch of songs?

Well first of all Amber has been a huge addition and positive force in the band! Secondly we really focused on the songwriting process, it’s all about having great songs. We’ve been sitting down with just piano or acoustic guitar and writing the songs bear bones. Great songs should be able to stripped down to the lowest common denominator and still be amazing! Before we would start with a drum loop or synth pad, which is great but we feel like the way we’ve started these songs have garnered much more powerful results.
What is on tap for SLEEPLUST this Spring & Summer? What would you love to see happen for the band this year?

This Spring and Summer we’ll be playing more shows in and around the LA area. After this single we’ll release another song and then an EP early Summer. Also we have some TV placements lined up for Spring television shows as well. We have a ton of material we’ve been sitting on so it’s really exciting that we get to play it out and release it after working on it for a while. This year we would love to secure a great manager to come onto our team and take over some of those responsibilities.

Do you have a favorite Los Angeles venue? What is the most memorable show you’ve played here?

Honestly one of our favorites is Resident, everyone is so awesome and it sounds great both on and off stage. The last show we played there we had such a great crowd and it felt so natural to be playing all of these new songs, it was definitely a highlight for us after being held up in the studio for the last few months.

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