LA based PLVNK premiere fresh video for “Where Did We Go Wrong”

Jon Berrien

Jon Berrien

People who make music out of pure passion, this is what I find truly inspiring.
Jon Berrien

PLVNK (pronounced ‘Plank’) is an LA-based musical group that formed in April 2016. The multi-genre songs that PLVNK write, produce and perform reflect the diverse backgrounds and influences of the group; JohnBoy, Nachum, Joey and Mal bring an eclectic taste of music ranging from hip-hop, rock, R&B, and dance. They bring the flavors of the cities they grew up in: Compton, Jerusalem, London and Los Angeles.

Although PLVNK members grew up differently from each other, the message their music brings is the same: Unity. PLVNK’s debut single “Where Did We Go Wrong” is one fresh track that is about a relationship and society as a whole, the accompanying video is now premiering exclusively on GroundSounds.

With a gritty, black & white aesthetic the striking visuals make a statement on gun violence and race relations in America, it has a surrealistic twist, check it out below!


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