Montreal: JT Soul – “372; Velvet Tears” EP

Produced by Jey Bandit and mastered by Tom Coyne (who has previously worked with artists of the likes of The Weeknd, Adele and Justin Bieber), 372; Velvet Tears is the much anticipated debut EP from Canadian Hip Hop/R&B artist JT Soul.

You would never guess that the Montrealese rising star is only 17 years old: he is showcasing an already well-formed artistic maturity when it comes to his sound, made of haunting vocals accompanied by a dark R&B overtone that perfectly blends with the energetic Hip Hop beats in the background. The lyrics are deep and emotive, exploring pretty dark and disturbing themes such as drugs and pain with a fair share of love, too.

The EP is very evocative throughout, and has been described as “purplish/pinkish, fuzzy textured teardrops streaming down someone’s face riding a dingy night bus with wind and waves crashing down in the dark smoky background”. From its powerful opening Down the Silhouette Road to the hard-hitting closing track Hertz, the EP tells JT Soul’s story of love and melancholy towards his very own roots, the city of Montreal and Jean-Talon Street in particular which inspired his stage name. The title of the EP as well drags its inspiration from the number of the night bus (372) that travels that same street from one end of the city to the other.

On the inspiration behind his debut, JT Soul says,

“This ‘372 ; Velvet Tears’ EP details my sometimes youthful exuberant experience with love, drugs, and the streets of Montreal. The concept was conceived one night on the 372 Jean Talon night bus, and every song is a representation of my emotions and thoughts during the afterhours of the night – I hope this record takes you back there with me.”

You can stream the EP below!

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