Memphis: The Band CAMINO – “Who Says We’re Through”

It has been a little over a year since Memphis based The Band CAMINO dropped their first EP ‘My Thoughts On You,’ the guys have stayed busy and now they’re back with a new EP on the way. Their latest five song EP ‘Heaven’ is slated to drop June 2nd, featured on the project is the fresh new track “Who Says We’re Through.”

The guys had this to say about their latest single:

“Who Says We’re Through” is the first single from our upcoming EP, ‘Heaven’. While it carries a lot of similar ideas from our first EP, this song definitely took a step in a new direction which is really why we chose this one for the single. Although it’s a little more commercial, we kind of wrote it to be sarcastic. It’s just a tongue and cheek tune about being in a relationship that isn’t working but not really being able to admit that it’s over, and the music video really embodies that idea.

Stream “Who Says We’re Through” below and keep a lookout for ‘Heaven’ EP dropping soon!

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