PREMIERE: The War On Peace – ‘Automated People’ EP

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Chicago’s The War On Peace fuse pop with dance and electronic elements to create a vibrant, pulsing sonic landscape. They are gearing up to release their new EP Automated People and we are lucky enough to stream the entire EP below! The music is a mature, exciting collection of songs that captivate the listener with their own distinct moods. This is one of our favorite releases to come across our radar this year and we are thrilled to exclusively premiere it.
In their own words:

Automated People is a sort of science fiction evolving dystopia. Fear of Loss specifically is the opening scene to the tale: the end of the dream and the beginning of the nightmare. The hopes of the young swiped away in a single event, only to look forward to fear and uncertainty. The entire EP plays out as a journey between the intense highs and lows of self discovery and the retrospective acceptance of past decisions.”

Stream the EP below and be sure to connect with the band online for more! This is an EP and a band that you are going to want to watch.

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