PREMIERE: Robert Ledesma – “Can’t Hold Me Down”

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Start the holiday weekend on a positive note, with our exclusive premiere of “Can’t Hold Me Down” by Robert Ledesma. Ledesma was a vocalist and percussionist in the reggae band Clear Conscience, where he recorded with legends like Half Pint, Tippa Irie, Edley Shine, and more. In 2001, he formed his record label Reggae Speaks.
Taken from his forthcoming album Any Moment, “Can’t Hold Me Down” serves up the positive, easygoing vibes that are a welcomed beam of sunshine and positivity.

In his own words:

This song is a universal approach to remind people to open their eyes to the world and adapt while focusing on themselves. We only live once and the more open-minded you are, the more knowledge you are able to absorb through personal experience. There is a reference to going back to your youth being a “know-it-all” and too wise to learn while blaming others and never admitting guilt. The song ends with you realizing the changes to be made and finally growing to become a better person. Looking in the mirror and proud of what you see. 

Stream the track below and connect with Robert online for more!

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