Toronto based songstress STACEY premieres fresh new video for “First Move”

Exuding classical and contemporary elegance, Toronto based singer-songwriter STACEY is not only makin’ moves, she making the “First Move.” There is no holding back this rising sultry songstress.

With her self-titled debut EP behind her, STACEY is gearing up for her sophomore EP ‘First Move,’ the accompanying video for her lead single of the same name is now premiering exclusively on GroundSounds, it’s pure sonic goodness.

STACEY had this to say about her latest single “First Move”:

I wanted to create a world that emulates the in-between moments of potential new love. How they can feel lush & beautiful but they’re also obscured & elusive. And because you feel it all in isolation, it’s hard to tell what’s real, and easy to slip into a state of surreality. Like a lucid dream looking through a kaleidoscope, or a moving painting.”

Check out the video for “First Move” below, STACEY will be releasing her ‘First Move’ EP this fall.


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