PREMIERE: Shayna Leigh – “Dealbreaker” {Video}

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Photo by Bobby Quillard

Shayna Leigh is gearing up to release her new EP Disaster Artist. We are thrilled to premiere her entertaining new video for the infectious track “Dealbreaker.” The song will be stuck in your head all day, and the video is the perfect visual compliment.

In her own words:

“Dealbreaker developed out of a literal conversation I was having about my deal breakers in dating. I think with the world of online and app dating where there are so many people available to you at any given time it becomes even more important to figure out for yourself what is really important to you and what is an absolute no-no — a “deal breaker” if you will. The song to me became the story of this super proud, confident woman who is out there in the world searching for her partner and weeding through all of the people who are maybe not right for her or good enough for her. I love that this song tells this story in a really powerful, strong way.


In the video, the main character basically turns into a superhero, who is out in the world fighting for people who aren’t being treated the way they would like to be. She becomes a superhero who urges us to stay to true to our dealbreakers and hold out for what we really want. In making this video, we wanted it to compliment the fun and bold and sassy vibe of the song, but also to paint the picture of strong women standing up for themselves. We wanted it to be empowering as well as entertaining.”


I hope the song is empowering. I hope it reminds people that they deserve to have what they want, to feel valued and loved. This song is not about judging the people you date; it is about standing up for yourself and having the courage to figure out what you want and go after it.” 


Watch the video below and be sure to connect with Shayna online for more!
Shayna Leigh Official Website


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