Stream: Chantal Monté combines sex and trance with “Everything”

Chantal Monté was exposed to the powerful erotic combination of sex and music at a young age, growing up in San Francisco in the 1970’s at the height of psychedelic decadence. “The SF lifestyle fostered a wild creative expression in me. I explored the arts, sexuality, and meditation as catalysts for altered states of consciousness,” Monté reflects.

The 60’s and 70’s liberation of the mind and body was just a starting point for the once painfully shy flower child as she moved deeper into meditation and yoga. Her explorations into the mind and body presented ideas on sexuality through her poetry and music.

She began to collaborate with Portugal producer Nuno Meneses on a series of recordings that became her debut album Syrup – an aphrodisiac of mellow electronica and sacred erotica. Meneses crafted the expansive soundscapes in his studio while Monté recorded the vocals alone in her bed creating intimate, seductive spoken word poems that are able to engulf the listener in erotic fantasies.

The trance-like music that elicits a sense of deep wondering and connection with one’s self. The music is able to transport the listener to a mystical realm that is narrated by Chantal Monte. She acts as the omniscient ruler of this realm while one gets lost in thought and music

What is so radical about the album’s subject matter is not Chantal’s fascination with the most powerful force on the planet – sex – but rather the shattering of preconceived ideas of what authentic sexuality is. With Syrup (out now), Chantal seeks to bring the listener into her sensual world, leaving them a key to unlock the sacredness of their own erotic nature.

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