Los Angeles: Joshua Moriarty – “R.T.F.L.”

Brendon Goldwasser

Brendon Goldwasser

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Brendon Goldwasser

Check out the soulful new single “R.T.F.L.” from Joshua Moriarty. Well-known for his work as a member of Australian group Miami Horror, Josh has recently gone in his own direction with the first release from his solo project. “R.T.F.L.” is the first peek into his 8-track debut album War Is Over. Moriarty describes the project in his own words:

My current ethos is to create compositions to arouse the senses and make one remember there is no real purpose on this planet other than to imbibe as much sensual pleasure as one can. It is music to make you feel (at least for a moment) that you are not alone, to capture in aural form the ephemeral grace of existence. Yet, on the other hand the music is mere art for art’s sake, completely useless, beautiful for the sake only of beauty. A dichotomy of point and pointlessness. War Is Over is designed as a modern day opus of existential desire, longing, sensuality, and what it means to human.

While the LA-based New Zealander is still heavily involved with Miami Horror and his 3-piece group All The Colours, this new project is in no way a side-thought. “R.T.F.L” stands in a compositional lane of its own; the single is a slice of some sweet, sophisticated pop. The track exhibits a beautifully hypnotic and romantic vibe that we absolutely love. Stream it below!

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