NYC Duo Secret Weapons talks forthcoming debut album and more

With catchy energetic tunes, New York based duo Secret Weapons are gearing up for the release of their debut album ‘As The Setting Sun Comes Crashing Down On Me,’  it’s set to drop August 18th via Epic Records.

The album combines youthful themes of hope and struggle, with gripping synth and guitar-driven rock music. GroundSounds recently caught up with the guys for an exclusive interview check it out below!


For those just discovering Secret Weapons, how did you two meet and start collaborating on music?

We met in high school, and believe it or not we didn’t vibe at first. I was always being loud and ignorant in class and dan definitely wanted to learn. I worshiped his band at the time and I had just started playing guitar. I asked him a couple of questions on how to play and….he hasn’t be able to get rid of me since!

What made you guys decide on the name Secret Weapons?

Dan and I worked on the music in “secret”… our families and friends didn’t know about it and then one day we just had this song and came out of the gate swinging. We always say “you are you’re own secret weapon” You gotta believe in yourself!

What do you guys enjoy most about NYC?

the nightlife….you can go see a burlesque show then get the best falafel in the world ten minutes later next to the most famous comedy club in the country. You never know who you’re gonna meet and what you’re gonna do. If you’re open minded this city can take you anywhere. I think that’s why our music has so many different flavors.

Can you tell us about the writing and creative process involved with your track “Ghost?”

I was just strumming along on the acoustic guitar and I always love dissonant stuff. I started playing the melody which lives on a tense interval. Our homie Brian Kierulf came over and played the horn part and we were just like “welp…that’s it!” As for lyrics, Danny and I had terrible experiences with psychedelics where we just felt like mere shells of our former selves…for months! Danny sung the chorus melody and then the lyrics just flowed out. Full on collaboration!

What has it been like working on and bringing your forthcoming debut album ‘As The Setting Sun Comes Crashing Down On Me’ to fruition?

It was an insane process. For starters, We scrapped two albums worth of stuff….There’s 24 songs buried at the bottom the east river rn. On top of that I was reaaaaallly struggling with my health and Dan was struggling with Me struggling with my health hahaha. Let’s just say It was hell but I think the record is better because of it. We want people to listen to it because it is real. I can’t wait to tell the full story I just don’t think it’s time yet.

What was the inspiration behind the track “Power?”

I had a keyboard patch I made named “honk if your horny” I played the chorus riff on it and it was massive. When we were listening back we both just said… “power” it was a no brainer! We didn’t doubt it for a sec. Once dan had the idea of getting the girls on it, it was a wrap!

What bands/musicians are you guys currently listening to?

I’m always listening to house music and techno. My fav artists at the moment are Gerd Janson and anything out on the Mister Saturday Night label! Tommie Sunshine too…he’s a good friend of ours and has some awesome songs! Danny: I’m really into the new Arcade Fire stuff! Its so “real” sounding…you know what I mean? Super psyched for the new Killers record…I’ve been known to throw on some Streisand from time to time. Keep it Eclectic.

What is it about synths and guitar driven rock that attracts you two to this sound?

You have it all covered when you bring synths and guitars together. There’s no sound we can’t make and no emotion we can’t make you feel. It allows you to break out of genres or expand upon the one you’re in!

After the album drops, what’s next for Secret Weapons?

What next?….We just want to be on tour…we’re going on the road and we can’t wait! We got some remixes in the pipe line (fingers crossed) and just tons of our own new music to make. We feel so luck we get to do this so, we’re just gonna embrace life and see where the music takes us!

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