Cleveland: Rosco (No E.) “MAB DEMO3” DOCUMENTARY FILM


Aye man, this is how you do it. This is how you brand yourself. This is how you get creative. This is how you separate yourself from the pack. I’m a fan of this film for a couple reasons but the biggest is that he is giving us something more than music.

Everyone ‘wants’ to be the next best thing, wants to get to that next level. However, their not really going hard for it. The days of needing a bigmachine behind you are OVER. These days YOU are the big machine!

So just because you make good music and go to the studio frequently doesn’t mean anything especially if no one hears it. If you aren’t willing to finance your own music videos, get graphics done, book your own shows, etc than how bad do you really want it. Point made lol.

But that’s why I like this right here. He is branching out and giving us a look into his life. I’m sure he paid for the photo shoot and I’m sure he paid the videographer to shoot and edit the documentary. I’m also sure he got off the couch and gave up his time to make this happen for himself.

Now I have no ties to Rosco as far as coming up together or even kicking it but I am a supporter of great messages, content and consistent commitment. And that is what he is about. Rant over. Check out the film below!



Twitter: @Rosco_NoE | IG: @Rosco_NoE

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