LA based musician J.D. King has his finger on the pulse of the alternative scene

J.D. King has his finger on the pulse of the alternative scene, as his music ranges in sound and style from The Strokes to the sweet samba sounds of Jose Feliciano.  His retro appearance and laid back approach to music makes the listener want to join right in with the game he’s playing.  After all, shouldn’t music be fun?

With his Elizabethan clothing creatively assembled by his longtime love Linda Ramone and his endearing tunes that are simple and catchy, J.D. King and his act lend levity and talent to a music world that sometimes takes itself too seriously.  King prefers to shoot his video on film and record music in an analog setting.

King’s latest tunes are “Midnight Rendezvous” and “Eloise” and you can catch the videos and songs here.

Piano was King’s first love and that led to learning a lot of other instruments and becoming acutely interested in honing his musical craft.


Tell us about “Eloise” and how you came to write this song? Does it have special meaning to you?

I wrote it as a stream of consciousness and afterward I noticed it was about my relationship with Linda Ramone. It has meaning in the way of a new revelation. My lyrics often are to me.

You’ve got some very intricate wardrobe pieces in the video for “Eloise.” What is it about Elizabethan era clothing that you like? 

The capes were gifted to us by Hedi Slimane whilst designing his Palladium collection for Saint Laurent. Vintage style craftsmanship is generally more interesting and romantic.

What is the secret to a good collaboration as in yours with Linda Ramone? How did you meet?

We are on the same wavelength about many things; Culture, music, design, humor, etc. I met her about a year after her husband Johnny died through my friend Henry Duarte.

Who are the musicians you most admire and why?

Paul McCartney for his writing, musicianship, and tone. Sly Stone because he’s such a star, and all the above. Todd Rundgren for being innovative in his early times. Elvis for being a deity.

What is your favorite era in music?

The 1920’s/1930’s and the 1960’s/1970’s

Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?

Hit up my instagram @mrjdking and website at Also, I’ll be performing at Zebulon in Los Angeles on Monday, September 18th.

Stay in touch with J.D. King: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

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