Interview: Catching Up With High Waisted + Stream “Free Throw” & “Firebomb”

Photo Credit: Brittany NO FOMO

Hailing from NYC, rock quartet High Waisted has made a name for themselves in the bustling city scene with their wild live shows, throwback sound and vibrant energy. Their most recently released singles, “Free Throw” and “Firebomb,” represent a bit of a pivot for the band as they’ve embraced a style that finds a sweet spot between indie and alt.

To celebrate the split single, High Waisted is currently out on an extensive US tour. To go along with a stream of “Free Throw” and “Firebomb,” we sent the group some interview questions.

Check it all out and be sure to catch High Waisted out in a city near you soon, detailed below.

Hi, High Waisted! Congrats on your new singles. Can you tell us a little more on who you are and how you first got into making music?

We’re four best friends living that starving artist life in the big apple. We all met in the lower east side over cold beers and hot tunes. Becoming a band was a natural progression. We have common dreams and appreciation for NYC’s rock and roll history.

What’s your songwriting process like? Who are some of your biggest influences?

Songs start as a craving for me. Melodies are born from hunger. Those riffs and lyrics come together like a recipe. Then we grocery shop as a band for the best ingredients and tone. Our tastes overlap but we have 4 distinct genres we pull from which helps a lot – dark new wave, classic country, classic rock and pop music.

What are “Free Throw” and “Firebomb” about? How did they come to be?

Free Throw is about giving all of your time, hope, money, and effort to your dreams only to continue to chase it with no signs that it will ever be achieved. This was one of those rare moments when I song came to me nearly finished on the first try. It’s painful for me to sing because these worries do make me feel vulnerable – but I hope that makes it meaningful for others.

In contrast, Firebomb is my rock and roll feminist war cry. It is void of doubt, shame, or insecurity. It’ a celebration of my femininity and my strength.

Do you see these singles as being indicative of a shift in your sound from your previous releases?

I think they are a natural transition but not a permanent shift. More of a vacation to a louder, rock ‘n’ roll sound. We toured a lot this year and the fierceness of the live show definitely impacted my writing process.

Any new New York-based artists/venues/purveyors of the arts you could turn our readers onto?

I host a weekly showcase called Waistoid Wednesday where I feature up and coming NYC bands as well as touring acts If you’re ever in NYC, stop by.

Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?

We are pretty active on Facebook and Instagram. I specifically love updating all the silliness and sometime wild times on our Instagram stories.

Any parting thoughts? Open platform!

We’re really excited to be on tour. It’s a beautiful experience being on the road, each day is a new possibility to perfect our craft and share these intimate secrets we call songs with a new room full of strangers. We’re excited to meet new friends along the way.

High Waisted Tour Dates:

9/26: Minibar – Kansas City, MO
9/27: Sunset Market – Oklahoma City, OK
9/28: Andy’s – Denton, TX
9/29: Armoury D.E. – Dallas, TX
9/30: Mohawk – Austin, TX
10/1: Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX
10/4: Lunchbox – Phoenix, AZ
10/5: The Merrow – San Diego, CA
10/6: The Wayfarer – Costa Mesa, CA
10/7: Resident – Los Angeles, CA
10/9: Harvard & Stone – Los Angeles, CA
10/10: Hi-Hat – Los Angeles, CA
10/12: Sweet Spot – Yucca Valley, CA
10/13: Velveteen Rabbit – Las Vegas, NV
10/14: Diabolical Records – Salt Lake City, UT
10/16: Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
10/17: Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
10/18: Total Drag – Sioux Falls, SD
10/19: Icehouse – Minneapolis, MN
10/20: Red Herring Lounge – Duluth, MN
10/21: Ed’s No Name Bar – Winona, MN
10/23: Boone and Crockett – Milwaukee, WI
10/24: Shuba’s Tavern – Chicago, IL
10/25: PJ’s Lager House – Detroit, MI
10/26: Happy Dog – Cleveland, OH
10/27: The Bushnel – Pittsburgh, PA
10/28: The Barbary – Philadelphia, PA
11/2: Space Camp – Syracuse, NY
11/3: One Caroline – Saratoga Springs, NY
11/4: Rough Trade – New York, NY

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