London: Dee 93 – S I L K Y . P I N K MIX

Brendon Goldwasser

Brendon Goldwasser

Favorite Artists: Jungle, Tycho, AM & Shawn Lee, Daft Punk, Radiohead, Bonobo, Kurt Vile, Washed Out
Brendon Goldwasser

(Photo by Leo Garber)

For the whole month of September, we’ve been highlighting a new beat collective out of the UK – NTN. The crew is pretty fresh, but its basically a collective of different artists, producers, and creatives releasing a variety of genres of music within the HipHop and Electronic/Experimental realms. They’ve been doing tons of shows and now have a lot fresh singles, remixes, and mixes to release to the world. We recently premiered their singles “Sasha Banks” and their Ben Peerce Remix, too, but today we have a a special exclusive mix from Dee 93. Just last night, Dee dropped a really solid new mix that has a perfect selection of tracks to get you amped up for the weekend. I would also argue that it’s the perfect length and all the songs flow together really well. Here’s what we had to say about it:

“The mix is just a blend of both old and new songs I’m currently listening to. Pink was the color/mood I got whilst doing this one. It’s also the color of my favourite silk shirt, haha. Hope you enjoy!”

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