Hawaiian sensation Kimie Miner premieres fresh lyric video for “Proud as the Sun”

With a blissful, down-to-earth feel, Hawaiian songstress Kimie Miner just graced us with a fresh new lyric video for her single “Proud as the Sun.” The track is as calming as it is melodic, it’s one chill single that is full of sonic goodness.

Kimie had this to say about her latest track:

“This song was inspired by the coming together of people I witnessed throughout all of the conflict going on recently in the world. This song is an encouragement to all people, to all nations to rise and shine a light brightly for our future generations. Because we are all global citizens and we should all stand together.

Translation of Hawaiian:

The bright sun burning

May it burn, burn

The multitudes standing

Will you stand, stand?

O my country, O my people

The multitudes standing

We will stand, stand!”

Check out the video for “Proud as the Sun” below and check back for more on Kimie soon.

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