Las Vegas: Kazzy Chase – “BOIFRIEND”

Man O Man. Yeah I show love, it’s known. Gas? No. Just support qualityproduct and give whatever boost I have available to give. I don’t have enough clout in the game to really start doggin’ someone’s hard work and effort aka their art; furthermore, not sure if I really ever wanna do that.

But then again there is also a need to be critical because Lord knows how irritated I get with a lot of the trash that gets put out both by mainstream and underground artists. Anyways I say all of that to say this. Kazzy’s “BOIFRIEND” is one of the best projects I’ve listened to from an underground artist in awhile. If I didn’t feel that way I wouldn’t say so.

Kazz possesses a new school swag and even flow (not migos) but knows how to apply it to any style beat which is what he showcases on this project. He kicks off the project with TWENTY – SHITSTEEN in which he humbly boasts over a subtle boom bap beat. This is one of my favs and a nice way to open everything up.

He keeps this vibe throughout the entire project but does it different for each record (you gotta listen to understand). One of my other favs is 4 THE NITE because it gives you that feel good vibe – it’s a little more upbeat but still very smooth.

Next I’d like to take it to BIRTHDAYS. This is a personal favorite because he takes it to the retro OutKast – Ms. Jackson flow which is incredible.

Another thing I like about the project is that the songs are not too long, mostly under 3 minutes and many under 2 minutes. Perfect for the listener who gets impatient lol not to mention its only 10 songs. But this is enough of me talking. Get hip for yourself below!


Instagram: @KazzyChase | Twitter: @KazzyChase

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