Zander Bleck Talks ‘Battlecall,’ A Sweeping Rock Fantasy Set in the Desert

Zander Bleck never fails to entice the audience with his voice, stage presence and appeal.  This time, he releases the rock anthem, “Battlecall,” an epic song that’s accompanied by a sweeping video.

Bleck is not one to back down and he advises his audience to do the same through his song, “Battlecall.”  The singer-songwriter has worked his way up the music industry ladder and has a new vantage point that he shares with his audience — musicians and non-musicians alike.

We caught up with Zander to ask him the important questions.

Hey Zander, how would you describe your genre of music and why did you gravitate towards your style?

It’s a mix of rock and pop. I like to think its somewhere between U2, Imagine Dragons, and Muse.

What made you decide on the title “Battlecall” for your new single?

“Battlecall” as the title came naturally as soon as I wrote the melody. It had an epicness that felt as though it was leading me into battle.

What has it been like working on and bringing your latest work to fruition?

It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s been a long time coming but it feels better than ever.

Can you tell us about the writing and creative process involved with your work?

It’s always different, but more often than not as soon as I write the melody I let the feeling that gives me dictate what the song is about.

What do you enjoy most about living in Los Angeles?

I love the nature and openness. It’s relatively easy once you get away from the traffic to be in a world of your own.

What musicians/bands are currently listening to?

I listen to everything from rock to electronic music, from film score to world music.

What was the inspiration for your song “Battlecall” and the video?

I wanted to capture my band rocking out on a metaphorical battlefield. It’s straight and to the point.

Who has been your music mentor and whose musical work do you respect?

All the greats. Freddie, Bono, Robert, David.

What’s next for Zander Bleck?

I am just heating up… Stay tuned for “Mercy Me”

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