Sweeping Soundscapes Drive the New Single, ‘Tryst,’ by I, Us and We


The band I, Us and We have struck a resounding note with the new single, “Tryst.”

A trio consisting of brothers Jordan, Evan, and Aaron Doverspike, the band’s unique sound was developed in their home studio in Temecula, Calif.  The haunting rythmns and lilting soundscapes designed on “Tryst,” bring the listener to a vast, cinematic space, most likely a reflection of the rural terrain the bandmates call home. With elegant harmonies, and blending melodics, “Tryst’ brings a fresh take to  the ever-burgeoning electro-rock genre.

Groundsounds.com asked I, Us and We the important questions:


Tell us about “Tryst” and how you came to write this single? Does it have special meaning to you?

Well, “Tryst” came together pretty organically.  We had been in a writing session for a week or so and I (Jordan) had an idea for the loop portion and drums.  We put those down and tweaked them until they sat right then added the bass.  After that the chorus came pretty quickly.  We tried a few variations of the verse and pre-chorus finally landed on what is there now.

My memory is a little fuzzy but the lion’s share of the song came together in a day or so and we took another day to add production and the song was basically finished.  We had a pretty tight deadline, two weeks, to write the whole EP so we didn’t have a ton of time to labor over decisions which we’ve learned over time can be better for the song.  As far as meaning, we have all and I’m sure most people have been in a one-sided relationship.  The chorus lyrics told that story right away so we went with it and filled in the gaps.


The new single, ‘Tryst,’ lends a cinematic twist to prog rock – Photo courtesy of the band


What is the secret to a good collaboration with all of you? How did you meet? 

The secret is to not have an ego and to be as objective about our music as possible.  We are all brothers and have been working together for the last 12 years in various music projects.  Over that time we have agreed to not let anything get in the way of the song so basically best idea wins.  At times we will have something in place where nobody in the room is moved by the part so we will shelf the song and come back to it when we have something better.



What style of music would you say your music fits into? What is so attractive about that genre?

We usually get that we are an indie electronic band.  Some people feel we have a little R and B thing happening.  We’ve also had someone close to us say we sounded like Bon Iver meets M83, meets Miguel.  I dunno, we just make the music that moves us and hopefully, it moves other people as well.  I think what is attractive about that genre is that is is pretty wide open and we have a lot of area to move and expand into new spaces.


I, Us and We paint a cinematic landscape in the song, 'Tryst' - Photo courtesy of the band

I, Us and We paint a cinematic landscape in the song, ‘Tryst’ – Photo courtesy of the band


Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?

We have all the usual social media stuff; Instagram @i_us_and_we, Twitter @iusandwe, Facebook, Spotify, and our website at iusandwe.com, etc.

As for performances, we have an EP release show coming up at Sayer’s Club in Hollywood on Nov. 16.


Who are the musicians you most admire and why?

Gosh so many.  Depeche Mode, Radiohead, U2, Blonde Redhead, Talking Heads, Bon Iver, FKA Twigs, James Blake, David Bowie and many more.  As far as why, just listen to Depeche Mode “Ultra” or Radiohead Hail to the Thief or even Blonde Redhead Penny Sparkle.  Those albums are brilliant.  They never get redundant.  New ideas are always happening.  They are just a great example of song writing, recording and producing coming together to make something wonderful.  It’s impossible not to admire that.


What do you enjoy about touring? What is the biggest drag about touring?

Enjoy, new places, adventures, connecting with people on a real level.  Drag, a 20 hour drive in a van.


What advice would you give other young artists today? 

 Someone told me once that if you want to be a great songwriter just keep writing until you’re better than everyone else.  So I guess be diligent, work as hard and as often as you can and create what inspires you.  If you can be inspired by what you’re making other people can be inspired by it as well.

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