Adam Prince King Casts a Spell With Beautiful ‘Witches’


Adam Prince King is not afraid to leave a flashy impression. His songs are powerful, filled with images and they reflect the past as well as the current day. But his style is somewhere in the future. A dreamer and a doer, King has put his creativity to work and has met success. He’s always striving  for more.

We asked King the questions from the fans.

Tell us about your debut EP and how you came to create it? Does it have special meaning to you?

I didn’t set out to make an EP really, but after I wrote the track Flamingos, I thought, hey you know what, let’s do this! I have a lot of songs and am a bit ADHD and stylistically get bored quite quickly, so It’s been good for me to focus on an EP, though it is still pretty eclectic, but I guess there is something of me that ties it all together. It is super special to me as it’s the first time I am ever putting out a collection of tracks.


What is the secret to a good collaboration?  How did you meet your producers?

I am my own producer and I write and produce everything myself but it was really nice to collaborate with an awesome mix/mastering engineer to tighten everything up in a proper studio. I work mainly alone from home, so my label Little Assembly hooked me up with their in house engineer Chris Pawlusek and we used a load of Analog gear and it just brought everything up a notch and gave it a warmth I couldn’t get by myself. He was fantastic and knows his shit and patient – anyone that can put up with my meticulousness is a saint! Collaboration is so important and to get a new set of ears at the mix stage can make a massive difference.


What is your favorite kind of music? What is so attractive about that genre?

Honestly, I listen to a big mix, but mainly pop, and artists like Bowie and Kate Bush. They had a certain showmanship that I think is lacking in pop music today; I love Pop in general, anything with a hook draws me in.

Who are the musicians you most admire and why?

Apart from Bowie and Kate Bush, I love Prince. Of course, we all know he is an amazing writer and performer but the sheer magnitude of work he produced leaves me in awe. He would get off stage doing a 2 hour show and then go straight to the studio and write. And not every single song was a Purple Rain, but it’s the dedication to the artistry that I find inspiring. I also need to give Joni Mitchell a mention as she is my power animal.


What do you enjoy about touring?  What is the biggest drag about touring?

I haven’t toured yet but would love to. I get mega stage fright and anxiety from the moment I book a gig until just before I have to perform and then all of a sudden just before singing a Serenity takes over and being on stage feels like home.  I want to push myself to do it more next year.


What advice would you give other young artists today?

Put in the hours. It took YEARS before my production started to feel more professional.

I read somewhere that you need to “act as if” to manifest what you want in life. So if you want to tour, act as if you are already on tour. Do your warm ups everyday, see a voice coach, do yoga and meditate to be mentally and physically in shape so you can perform to your best ability.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, be kind to yourself. I wasted a lot of time being my own worst enemy, it doesn’t work and that voice of self sabotage, though it is trying to protect you, will do its best to keep you small and safe. Thank it but tell it that you can take the wheel from now on.

Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?

The best place to see my musical shenanigans, pre-gig neuroses and pictures of my cat are my Instagram @adamprinceking. I’m hoping to gig more next year so stay tuned!

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