Las Vegas: Ray – “Bored At Home”


It’s Ray I Guess came w/ the project on his first try that a lot of artists won’t hit in their career. It’s a tough thing to explain but if you get it you get it. I dove into the project and here are my thoughts.

Intro – love the comfortable/hospitable vibe and the fact that he’s not trying to come off crazy w Meek Mill type bars. Not every intro has to be about bars.

GOAT – love the sample on this one — Isley Brothers – “Harvest for the World.” He spittin’ on this one too. The snare in the beat is beautiful.

Comin’ Back – flow is so confident. Love the sensual vibe on the record. For sure something to smoke to. The Pyramid Ron feature fits the record perfectly!

It’s Ray – the production is very happy vibed on this one. Very animated flow and kind of wreaks similarities to Chance.

Off Day – love the vibe on this one. Martin reference ya diig! If you can’t relate to this one you ain’t experienced love/lust. The features on this one fit the record accordingly.

I Guess – Slows it down on this one. Love the theme of the record. This one is like storytime for the soul.

Pew – speaks on being a combo of Gambino, Chance and Cole. If you didn’t think this from the jump of the project you weren’t really listening. BANG.

Fanboy – brings out the vocals on this one. Not sure what the effect is but sounds like some type of reverb – love it!

Same – a little more aggressive on this one. Def switched up the vibe. Not mad at all though.

Fly – great conclusion to the project.

If you haven’t bumped ‘Bored At Home’ yet stop playin’ yaself and get hip!

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