Victorville: Flip Major – “Take A Look”


My guy Flip Major came w/ a playlist full of SLAPPERS on his latest project, “Take A Look.”

First off let me start out by saying the production on the project is phenomenal. He kicks the project off w/ “I’m Up” which is for sure a ‘go-getters’ type of record. Huge fan of it. Next is the bonafide smash single feature Quavo, “Take A Look.” This one has been bumping everywhere and if you’re not hip than you’re living under a rock like Patrick in Spongebob.

Flip proceeds to tell us what he’s been on “Lately” and once again presents us with another HiT.

“Whats Up Now” featuring Sonny Digital is definitely something that needs to be in every DJ’s rotation. Get hip!

He takes it a different route with the record, “Purpose” and i love everything about it. He speaks about the struggle and where it has and is still leading him. This is definitely a refreshing/motivating joint.

If you know Flip aka Chief Major than the next record makes all the sense in the world. He is one of the biggest smokers I know for sure and he rolled this ‘joint’ extra tight. “Roll It” featuring Eric Bellinger is a smooth as shit.

W.Y.K.A.I. is super saucy for sure.

I absolutely love “FACTS.” The beat on this one is insane!

Ok Flip I see you with the sensual vibe on “Take Me Back.” Not mad at all.

“Live For This” is definitely a sleeper. I’ma needa visual for this one where their on a yacht in Miami or some ish.

Definitely gonna need a remix to “Feeling Like Gucci” with 21 Savage on the track. Flip picks the pace back up on “2THREE” and keeps it going.

Ya Momma’s Favorite Snapper concludes the project w/ my two favorite records of the project, “3AM in Cleveland” and “Right Now” featuring Mars Daniel. Both amazing records just like the project. If you haven’t already taken a look go ahead and do so right this instant! #TakeALook



Twitter: @FlipMajor | IG: @ChiefMajor

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