Covina: Hi-Tone – “Price of Admission”


Hi-Tone came through with a very well put together project to end the year off on the right foot! “Price of Admission” is full of $al$a baby!

Lifestyle – Kicks things off w/ that extreme salsa!  Tone explains the lifestyle he dreams of. Love how the vibe switches about 60 seconds in and the beat drops. He harmonizes very well on this record and still spits. Takes us back to when he was broke and had holes in his socks. Love the motivational aspect of this joint right here. Great way to start the project off.

Game Needs Me – OMG the sample on this jawn!!! The beat is super JiGGY. Man if this isn’t on the same motivational path as the first record and i Love it! “I live 3 blocks away, don’t even see my pops” – this line was insane.

Workin’ – Hi-Tone gives us a different delivery on this one and it ‘works’ for sure! This project is so damn polished. “8 in the morning w/ Sway” — talk that shit pimpin!!!!

Brown Horse – Oooo this one you gotta ride too for sure. Tone keep singing please!!

VOICE – Well, this one was out prior to the album dropping so I’ve already been a fan. Love the flow on the east coast boom-bap. Not to mention the video compliments it to the fullest. You gotta get hip if you haven’t already.

The Gossip – I don’t know what I like more the songs or the production lol shoutout to Steelz man. But nah, Hi-Tone murked this one too! Crazy how the sample comes in 1:30 in – so damn smoove.

Mr. Miyagi – He gets a little silly on this one but it was for sure necessary granted the concept of the song. He also des so in great fashion. You gotta check this visual on this one too.

Forever – Once again, Hi-Tone continues to bring us ear candy! If you were expecting all Mr. Miyagi type records on this project you played yaself! I completely love the product he has packaged up for us on this one.

Cruisin’ – This one of them feel good jawns for sure! “You ain’t a winner til you deal with a loss”

Lights Off – Hi-Tone takes it to a different lane on this one. Ladies: this one is for you!

Understand – Tone keeps the ladies intrigued well into the 11th record on the project and does it very well.

Big Cousin – This is a record that everyone can relate to. Even if its not your big cousin everyone has someone that was responsible for showing them the ropes in whatever part of life it was they were cruising down.

Peace And Love – Capped off the project with that feel gooooooood!!!

This project is super clean and not meant for just one kind of people. This is meant to be heard by the masses. Love how the entire thing was produced by Steelz but you almost wouldn’t even know it because he doesn’t just hit you with the same sound and so on and so forth. Very versatile project and shoutout to whoever engineered it b/c they did the damn thang!


Twitter: @HiToneValenz | IG: @Hi_Tone

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