Natti Vogel’s Serving Body EP Deserves Your Full Attention

Orchestral alt-pop from a singer-songwriter/composer who toured 18 provinces of China and once
performed at cabaret shows with The Dresden Dolls. Intriguing to say the least. And upon listening,
“intriguing” flowed into strange yet relatable, left of center pop that became more addictive and
delicious as the minutes passed. We’re excited to share Natti Vogel’s brand new, debut EP, Serving
, with you all.

Dive in here and read our quick track by track breakdown after the jump:

Cannibal – Jaunty baroque pop track, the video makes this one for me though. Hansel & Gretel plus David Bowie in Labyrinth, all in the frame of Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit done right.

Brown Rice – A slow, acoustic start, reflecting on the stress we put on ourselves to please others but the storytelling strings you to a powerful, staccato chorus. “So thanks for nothing, literally” Confidence + Self love achieved!

I Don’t Want To Find The One – The confidence at the end of Brown Rice leads right into this track, bursting with self-realization. Blasting horns, sexy bass lines and bumping tom drums set you up for the traditional pop jam on the album. “I don’t wanna find the one, isn’t love enough?”

We All Move to Brooklyn – Anyone who is from or moves to the greater NYC can relate to this. An introspective assessment of gentrification that makes fun of “hipster Brooklyn” and yet Vogel acknowledges he’s a part of the cog as well.

Moonshine Melody – Eerie voices kick this one off, and then it turns into a sweeping musical score that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Disney movie (Aladdin’s “One Jump Ahead (Street Rat)” comes to mind)

Love For A Limited Time Only – My favorite on the EP and it also happens to be a bonus track Vogel decided to add on and record a month before release. The pacing of this track is perfectly dramatic with the help of gorgeous strings and a beat that makes you walk taller and want to conquer the world. Sara Bareilles but as a rock opera

Vogel has a music video for “I Don’t Want To Find The One” coming in the next month, plus one for Brown Rice soon thereafter. To keep up to date follow him on Instagram and join his email list.

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