Ontario based Christine Leakey premieres the dreamy ‘Wanderlust Wishing Well’ LP

Ontario based songstress Christine Leakey has been working hard on her second solo album entitled, ‘Wanderlust Wishing Well.’ Her latest project features thirteen psychedelically-lush tracks, it’s pure sonic goodness. GroundSounds recently caught up the songstress to talk about her latest LP.

Christine had this to say about ‘Wanderlust Wishing Well’:

Welcome to a journey into my second solo album project, Wanderlust Wishing Well. My name is Christine Leakey and I am pleased to share my musical path with you. It is lush as it winds and bends, climbs and descends while accompanied by 28 musically gifted friends, some of whom are notable and even legendary. The creative process brought me to Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto, Hamilton, 1000 Islands, Ohio and extra contributions from India and Italy. The music themes vary on such topics as love, loss, dreams, birth and death.

Since I began whistling at ten months old, music has been a huge part of me. In recent years I’ve spent time steeping hundreds of songs I’ve written while managing an injury that for years halted my music. Through diligence I’ve come full circle in releasing Wanderlust Wishing Well.

Friends involved are from various musical backgrounds which I love including jazz, world, classical, psychedelic and pop. Since I hear arrangements in my mind when I write a song, I find great pleasure in working with such musicians who play traditional and unique ethnic instruments from both the Western and Eastern hemispheres of our globe. As well, I have a fondness and fascination for incorporating antique instrumentation that tell a story including the Mellotron, Arp 2600, a baby grand used to create the music for silent films in Los Angeles and one of the world’s oldest foley stages within a sound studio in Los Angeles that was built by the Pacific Electric Company in the early 20th Century. In the 60s it was owned by Liberace and then by the inventor of the time code, Bruce Scott.

I am blessed to collaborate with so many phenomenally gifted and accomplished musician friends from several music genres in Los Angeles at Reseda Ranch Studios with Fernando Perdomo, Winslow Court Studios and several home studios in Canada. To name a few: Linda Perhacs, Kristian Hoffman (Klaus Nomi), Michael Cudahy (Combustible Edison), Maurizio Guarini (Goblin), Hussain Jiffry (Sergio Mendes), Maryem Hassan Tollar (Prince of Persia), Timur Bekbosunov (Timur and the Dime Museum) and more. The album was mastered by the legendary Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh.

I feel the result of Wanderlust Wishing Well is my heart through song – an organic self produced sonic experience that I hope you will enjoy.

Stream ‘Wanderlust Wishing Well’ below, it will officially be released March 3rd.

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