PREMIERE: Space4Lease – “Must Be Something”

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Photo by Ryan Magnani

Space4Lease is a psychedelic indie-rock band from Oklahoma City, ready to lure you in and wash over you with waves of musical seduction. We are thrilled to premiere their new track “Must Be Something” below. The track is a confident introduction to a band standing on the edge of psych-rock with one foot drenched in indie pop bliss. The song is 4 minutes but feels like it could saunter on for a half hour and you wouldn’t mind at all.

Frontman Grayson Hamm on the song:

“Coming from a small town, I never had got the experience of the big city life, but surprisingly it wasn’t these destinations that intrigued me the most. It was the journey and the miles and time it took to get there. Once we were out on the road all by ourselves just driving and seeing the countryside, this quest of finding myself really started to take effect. This is where the premise of the chorus let alone the whole song comes into play. “There must be something in the way how, there’s nothing standing in our way now.” I started to realize that the only barrier that was standing in the way was myself. The world was just waiting for me.”

Stream the track below and be sure to connect with the band online for more!

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