PREMIERE: The Persian Leaps – “Bicycle Face” EP

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Saint Paul, MN band The Persian Leaps are gearing up to release their new EP Bicycle Face on Friday. Put simply, the EP is feel good indie rock that’s easy to love. We are thrilled to premiere the entire EP today on GroundSounds!

To say the band has been prolific is an understatement. This Friday’s release will be their fifth in five years. Here’s vocalist Drew Forsberg on the output:

“With our first EP, we just wanted to get our best available material out there, and 5 songs seemed like a good number. But after the first EP, I realized that I really liked the format. I’m a fan of brevity and have always loved EPs that stand alone as an artistic statement, like Pavement’s “Watery, Domestic.”
“I’ve never pushed the term but I always felt like our releases were mini-albums. They were cohesive and intentional–the five best songs we had ready each year that fit together. It wasn’t meant to be a single and then a grab bag of songs of marginal quality that would never make the cut on an upcoming full-length.”
“As for the schedule, I liked the discipline of recording 5 songs every winter and then releasing them in the fall. We all have careers and families but it was a pace that we could keep. Stopping at an “even” 5 EPs has great symmetry, but it also signals the end of an era for us. We’re ready to try something new next time around.”
The EP is being released on Forsberg’s own Land Ski Records on 9/22.Purchase at on Friday or pre-order on Bandcamp today!

The band will celebrate Friday 9/22 with a release show at the 331 Club in Minneapolis, MN. The show is free, 21+ and doors at 9:30pm.


Stream the EP below and be sure to connect with the band online for more!

Social Links  Website | Facebook | Twitter Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Youtube

Album notes: recorded and mixed by Neil Weir, Blue Bell Knoll; Mastered by Bruce Templeton, Microphonic Mastering; Cover art by Jon Hunt

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