APH Gives Us His Vision & What It Takes To Be An Independent Artist!

I got the chance to sit down with APH and talk about his new project, his short film as well as his team – get hip!
Whats good brotha?! I appreciate you takin’ the time to do this. First off, where does the name APH come from?
When I was younger had a group of friends where there were too many Anthony’s. So I told everyone to call me by my initials… APH
What inspired you to start making music & how long have you been at it?
It started out as a fun passion to freestyle at parties and it was a plus that all the girl liked it lol. Then after doing it for so often, I started getting good where my really good friend influenced me to take it more serious so I recorded my first song and it got me attention around my area. I’Ve been rapping in general for about 10 years now.
What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
I have a lot of highlights, however I think one of my favorites was when I meet Layzie bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony because when I met him the first thing he said was I’ve heard a lot about you, I’m really glad to meet you and I was like did one of the biggest hip-hop legends tell me he was glad to meet me lol. for sure a proud moment.
What would you say are some of the struggles of being an independent artist?
I’d say it’s being able to ride the ups and downs that come with this industry however I wouldn’t do anything diffenrent. I love it.
You’re a Vegas native and resident — describe the Vegas music scene from your point of view..
The vegas scene is dope! There’s a lot of unnoticed talent out here that goes unrecognized and it probably doesn’t help that not a lot of venues really tries to help elevate the art either but some day I feel like someone will open the door to all the dope artist we have out here.
You just dropped your album, ‘The Plottin Project’ – congratulations! What inspired the title??
Thank you! I’m really proud of how it turned out. I got the title from the more dark side of how any city can be. I feel like some way or another someone some way is plotting against you cause unfortunately not everyone you know wants to see you do good.

You also just announced that you are releasing a short film. Will this be a series or one solid film? Is there a set release date yet? And does this go hand in hand with the album?

The short film is amazing I can’t wait to release it. Right now I think its just one solid film but you never know what the future holds. It will be released February 15th and actually, the short film is for the album. That’s how it was inspired.

You’re part of a team called ‘The Company’ — how did all of this come about??

It’s actually an interesting situation. We all met in random moments but it’s almost like when we met we were already best friends. Cmdelux is the Visual Director, Amanda Evans is the Stylist and obviously, I am the artist. Together were a one stop shop.
Top 5 Favorite Rappers of All Time…
I love music so much that I really couldn’t name a top 5 however to name a few.
Kanye west
Big Sean
Lil Wayne
and I’m gonna add a sixth and say J. Cole, lol
Favorite munchie of all time..
Spicy nacho Doritos
Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
I see myself with my team at the Grammys.
What is the hardest thing about being an artist?
Balance and patience.
If you could tell the readers one thing, what would it be?
Hard work pays off, stay humble and stay commited. Never let anyone kill your dreams and go download “The Plottin Project” it’s available on every music platform haha.
Well that wraps it up; I appreciate your time big dawg – keep going STRONG!! 
Thank you for having me! I truly appreciate all the support you always show!
Twitter: @APHofficial | Instagram: @APHofficial

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