New York based rockers The Dig talk latest album ‘Bloodshot Tokyo’

New York based rockers The Dig just set out on a massive North America tour in support of their latest album ‘Tokyo Bloodshot.’  Blending pop, garage, and post-punk elements the album is pure sonic goodness that refines each member’s unique talents seamlessly.

GroundSounds recently caught up with the band to talk about their latest project, musical inspirations and more, check out the exclusive interview below.


For those just discovering The Dig, can you tell us about how you guys met and started making music?

Emile, Erick and David all met and starting playing together in High School. They’ve been playing and writing together ever since. They all spent some time together in Boston getting The Dig underway. I met up with the guys in NY in early 2012 after they parted ways with their drummer. I came across an old anonymous post of theirs on Craigslist holding auditions for drummers. Happily ever after. Hopefully not The End though. (Don’t kick me out guys)

What made you guys decide on the band name The Dig?

Because we’re constantly trying to bury our old material. And we love to go metal-detecting. Hand me that shovel.

What do you guys enjoy most about NYC?

It’s tough to say. NYC has everything. The finest bars and restaurants. Cuisine from all over the world on almost every single block. Parties that go through the night and into the next day. But I think I enjoy Bodega Cats more than anything else. Popping into a corner store for a can of beans turns into a sweet cat petting session.

What has it been like working on your latest album ‘Bloodshot Tokyo’ and bringing it to fruition?

We really couldn’t be any prouder of Bloodshot Tokyo. It was years in the making. Several multi-week writing and demo sessions spread out over a few years. We hashed it out and landed on these tracks to record out of the 75+songs we had fleshed out. Really diving into these songs at Outlier Inn and Proper Pop studios was fun, exciting, frustrating and alcoholism inducing.

You guys will be starting your North American tour soon, what do you all enjoy most about being on the road?

The van is our own tiny apartment on wheels, so it still feels a bit like we’re at home when we’re out on the road. We love our own tiny apartments in NYC, but it’s nice to escape this bonkers city whenever possible. Helps maintain sanity. We just need to get a Bodega Cat for the van.

What cities are you guys looking forward to checking out most?

Personally I’m looking forward to Montreal. Poutine, s’il vous plait. Also I guess we’ve all got family and friends spread out across the country. It’s pretty good to see them all. But we’re really pumped about that Poutine.

What bands/musicians are you all currently listening to?

We’re all into pretty different things. I have the new Jamiroquaitrack stuck in my head. I know I’ve heard Erick talking about this band QTY recently. Emile and David have been hootin’ and hollerin’ about this anti-fascist band Raging Against Machines. Err something like that.

After the tour, what’s next for The Dig? What can fans look forward to?

We’re slowly starting to write again as well as sifting through our backlog of songs to resurrect or revamp. Anxious to keep moving. We’ll see what the near future holds for use tour-wise, but I think fans can absolutely be expecting The Dig to run for office in 2020.

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