Los Angeles based experimental r&b artist Reignbow premieres “We Will Survive”

With a core purpose of uplifting others, Los Angeles based experimental r&b artist Reignbow recently teamed up with up-and-coming emcee Dragon-Fly to create the fresh new track “We Will Survive,” it is now premiering exclusively on GroundSounds. Featuring elements of hip-hop and electro, the single seemingly transcends time with a powerful message.

Reignbow had this to say about her latest track:

“This song is a product of a number of realizations I’ve had on my journey. Everything in life ultimately passes and “all we can have is ourselves.” As humans we are strong, but we can fight alone only for so long. What transforms life and takes it to the next level is having a person we love next to us helping us fight, hopefully for the same thing, too. This is what happiness means to me, and I believe our society would benefit dramatically from realizing that we all can meet that one person. We just need to become more open and love will enter our life.”

Stream “We Will Survive” below and check back for more on Reignbow soon.

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