Las Vegas: Teej – “Space Jam”

Relocating from San Diego to Las Vegas, Teej has put a team together and is going to work. Not only does he have a different sound, but the kid knows how to make a damn record.

I had the chance to chop it up with Teej this past week and it was nothing but great vibes. He’s gotta very humble attitude with a ‘high on life’ type of spirit. This is probably my favorite record from him that I’ve heard thus far but I’m sure it will get replaced by something he cooks up soon. That’s how confident I am in this guy as an artist.

I believe that he is going to draw a lot of comparisons to KYLE just based off of his sound as well as the type of material that he puts out but that is not a bad thing at all. He is still in his own lane and as long as he continues to ride that wave he will be just fine. Check out “Space Jam” below!

Twitter: @PapichuloTeej | Instagram: @PapichuloTeej

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