Los Angeles: Goldroom – “Spread Love”

Brendon Goldwasser

Brendon Goldwasser

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Brendon Goldwasser

Los Angeles DJ/Producer Goldroom (Josh Legg) is back with the fresh single “Spread Love,” an upbeat, anthemic dance/pop track that will put you in a great mood from start to finish. Here’s what Josh had to say about it:

“After months of “Spread Love” living only in our live shows, I’m so excited to share it officially. It’s my tribute to the artists that got me into dance music in the first place, and its for every fan who’s asked me about the song after a show. The song means a lot to me and I hope you all love it. Thank you!”

Check out Rooty, who sang the song and is also wonderful: www.facebook.com/iamrooty/

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