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   Two trends have emerged in the last couple of years, and now many are seeing the convergence of “hipster” and hip-hop. Now, that may seem contradictory, or in other respects, insulting, for the term “hipster” has a connotation of musical indecision or flakiness. We saw Clipse’s Pusha-T and OFWGKTA’s Tyler the Creator collaborate on a raucous “Trouble on My Mind” yesterday, which saw the Virginia coke rap titan trade verses with Odd Future’s bubbling self proclaimed straight-edge satanist. OFWGKTA is currently walking that tightrope between underground, “hipster,” mainstream, and flash in the pan. But they aren’t the only artists worthy of the spotlight.

   Out of Memphis, Tennessee comes Cities Aviv. In a scene heavy with crunk and rap heavyweights, (see Three 6 Mafia, Yo Gotti, 8 Ball and MJG) Cities Aviv chooses chill, 70’s inspired backing tracks, but delivers with the same intensity as his Memphis brethren. To pair perfectly with his indie cred, Cities Aviv offers all of his music, including his incredible album “Digital Lows” via his bandcamp website. His newest tune “Araw”, was just released check it out above, feel his vibe, and head to his site for more fresh tracks.


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