‘Dangerous’ dude: An Interview with Big Data’s Alan Wilkis

John Hocter

Favorite bands: Beck, Black Keys, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes,Tame Impala, Black Joe Lewis, EELS

As recently as March of this year, Alan Wilkis led a quiet, anonymous life as a mid-level employee at a music publishing company in New York City.

That quiet anonymity didn’t last long, however: Flash forward 10 months, and he’s now touring the nation as the Billboard Alternative Chart-topping electronic music mastermind behind Big Data, a “paranoid music project from the Internet” with a monster mainstream crossover hit in ‘Dangerous.’

Despite his sudden success, Wilkis still manages to find quiet moments away from the prying eyes of Big Brother and his growing base of Big Data fans. He recently sat down with GroundSounds before a set at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio, to discuss his methods, contemplate the modern mysteries of existence in the digital age, and perform an exclusive impromptu duet of ‘Dangerous’ with yours truly. Check it out above!





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