Tel Aviv based foursome Less Acrobats talk forthcoming debut EP ‘Stanza’


Tel Aviv based four-piece Less Acrobats are making moves with eccentric indie-pop melodies that have a touch of R&B flavor. This foursome is currently gearing up for the release of their debut EP, Stanza, out February 2017 and we are stoked!

GroundSounds recently caught up with the band to talk about their latest project, musical inspirations and more, check out the exclusive interview below.


For those just discovering Less Acrobats, how did you guys form the band and start making music?

High school is place where you put confused cubs in one place for 5 days a week and hope to get them to play nice. The stronger cubs get the girls and play basketball while the others don’t really know where to put their hands when they stand in the hall. If you’re not this strong cub you have two choices, one is to try and be one, and always fail, it’s quite tragic actually. The other is to form some kind of counter culture. We had that with our music. We’re still in high school in some ways.

How did you guys decide on the name Less Acrobats?

It describes us pretty well.

What has it been like growing up in Tel Aviv? What is one thing every visitor should see or do?

The art scene is crazy. It’s like Tel Aviv is the strangest place, it was strange before strange was cool. We grew with this kind of hope for an ideal future, but then came a slow decline. Art was the only thing that flourished.  If you are here check if Garden City Movement, Buttering Trio or Vaadat Charigim are playing. Every other band will probably kick ass too.

Can you tell us about the writing and creative process involved with your track “Floating Opera?”

The floating Opera by John Barth was laying on the shelf when we were playing with a new beat. Somehow this beat became a John Barth inspired fantasy about a showboat that drifts along the river, while on it there is a play going on continuously. The audience sits along the bank and only catches flashes of the plot, sometimes they don’t even know what the play is about. To fill in the gaps, they ask friends, use their imagination, or just stay there with no clue. It’s a post truth kind of song.

Can you tell us about working on your forthcoming debut EP Stanza and bringing it to fruition?

Every weekend we got together in a small room listening to music, trying to make something that takes form out of stream of consciousness. We shared obsessions for details, and tried to always find a fresh way to turn things around.

Why did you guys decide to title this EP Stanza?

In poetry, stanza is a grouped set of lines within a poem. We thought it’s an appropriate name for an EP. The themes are there but you can’t get the full scope out of one verse.

You guys recently underwent a sonic shift, can you tell us a little bit about this transition?

We go way back, and so it goes that certain dynamics can’t stay still. It’s just what happens when people grow up together.   

What is it about indie-pop and R&B, that attracts you to this sound?

We like the great choruses of indie pop but attracted to the way neo R&B and HipHop keep reinventing themselves.    

What was the inspiration for “Dirty Lover?”


What’s next for Less Acrobats, what can fans look forward to?

An album, a tour, the whole shebang. 

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