PREMIERE: American Dreamer Debuts The Video For “Open Your Eyes”

If you’re the sort of person that finds music therapeutic, Austin-based orchestral folk ensemble American Dreamer is here with your latest healthy dose. Comprised of Sasha Klare-Ayvazian (vocals, guitar), Audrey Lee (violin, vocals), Courtney Castaneda (cello), Dana Wygmans (bass, vocals) and Rick Palese (drums), the group dropped its debut LP, Restless Nights, last year navigating the stormy seas of our currently fractured political and social climates with soul enriching, string-soaked pop.

Today, GroundSounds is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the video for the album’s opening track, “Open Your Eyes.” In the video, Klare-Ayvazian & co. take you on a tour of natural wonders imploring you to do as the title says with a Sufjan Stevens/Polyphonic Spree bit of catharsis.

Klare-Ayvazian shares:

“It’s been a restless night and this person is finally getting out of bed and facing the day. For the first time in our music we used a fade-in, and with the blossoming strings representing the sunrise.The idea being that one can open his/her eyes to a better way of life. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can take that better path. There is a great deal of hate, anger, and fear in our world today. We can all open our eyes to a better life, a better self.”

Director Melissa McClung adds:

“For this video, I was super excited to work with my good friend, Ivy Olcott, who makes miniatures. We took inspiration from the song– when we listened, we saw sweeping sunsets and beautiful nature scenes. As we incorporated the band into the mini “sets,” we decided to play up the collage aspect of this by layering archival footage backdrops behind them.”

Watch American Dreamer in “Open Your Eyes” and be sure to order your copy of Restless Nights here.

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